protracted people’s war as a strategy for the imperialist countries


#1    Documentary material on radical themes & occurrences

For some years now there have been efforts by some parties and organizations around the world, to try to resurrect or re-establish a new international Maoist organization that differ from the broader membership of existent groups like ILPS and ICOR . Some of these exertions involve small parties or groups (particularly in Canada and Italy) which have been theorizing the notion of the universality of people’s war (i.e. the idea that people’s war is the appropriate revolutionary strategy everywhere, even in highly urbanized, advanced capitalist countries. Whether conditions are yet ripe for this is one of the matters under debate. The arguments also have a tendency to complement their assessment of the experience of the Communist Party of Peru ). Contributing to this exploration of what constitutes the strategic advance are those groups associated with the Maoist Road magazine, and Gonzalists trend, it has seen contributions ranging from opinion blogs and general declarations to more substantial articles. Other parties and organizations would also like to see something like the Revolutionary Internationalist Movement as “an embryo of the new international” re-established, but recognize the serious difficulties in doing so at present. Not simply the short-term collapse of the revolutions in Peru and Nepal, and the degenerated lines of the parties which had been leading those revolutions, and also the bizarre political lines and behaviour of some former RIM parties, such as the RCP,USA, but also the  construction of what constitutes “Maoist” amongst the fragmentary groups who self-identify as such. What is being drawn in this selection of texts is the physiology of twenty-first century Maoism; in these contributions (of varying quality) are the identifying arguments and positions attempting to shape the political strategy for the decades to come.

Part of the point of declaring PPW as universal is to break away from the failed strategy of insurrection and instead use historical materialism to analyze past experiences and military strategies for revolution so we can draw general understandings about revolutionary war from the particular instances of it.


Document 001 General Declaration on Mao and People’s War (1998)

Document 002 For A Century of People’s Wars! A World To Win #26 (2000)


Document 003 2004 – The necessity of distinguishing between the universal and particular laws of the protracted popular revolutionary war| (n)PCI

Document 004 2004 – Protracted people’s war is the only way to make revolution | RCP(OC) Canada

Document 005 2005 – More on the question of waging revolutionary war in the imperialist countries | RCP-PCR Canada

Document 006 2011 – The Paris Commune and the socialist revolution in imperialist countries | (n)PCI

Document 007 2012 – War of Position at the Centres of Capitalism | JMP

Document 008 2012 On Protracted Peoples War as a Universal Development of Revolutionary Theory | JMP

Document 009 2013 What is Protracted People’s War? | Maosoleum collective.

Document 010 | Towards the War of Position: Gramsci in Continuity and Rupture with Marxism-Leninism| Revolutionary Initiative (Canada)

Document 011 2013 Gramsci and the PRPW |(n)PCI

Document 012 2013 Gramsci & Gonzalo Considerations on Conquering Combat Positions within the Inner Wall of Hegemony | Revolutionary Initiative (Canada)

Document 013 2013 The Strategy of Socialist Revolution in the Imperialist Countries|(n)PCI

Document 014 2015 In Defense of Protracted People’s War | PCR-RCP Canada

Document 015 2013 What We Mean When We Say Protracted People’s War, What We Don’t Mean |Black Red Guard

Document 016 2018 People’s War – The sole path to liberation|Klassenstandpunkt

Document 017 2000 The Communist Party Must Lead the Revolutionary War in the Imperialist Countries!  | PCR-RCP Canada

2b) Dissenting View

Document 018 | 2014 – Behind Enemy Lines: Strategic Theory for Revolutionary Work in the Imperialist Core | Nikolai Brown

Document 019 2018 universality of ppw |  Protracted People’s War is Not a Universal Strategy for Revolution | Mass Proletariat (Massachusetts)

  1. Summations

Document 020 1985 the false path of the west European urban guerrilla |A World to Win#4

Document 021 1986 Summing Up Five Years of People’s War in Peru A World to Win #6

Document 022 Why the Peruvian Communist Party is reviled but Marcos and the Zapatistas are loved |rustbeltrevolution

Document 023 The necessity to revise the experiences of the past | (n)PCI

Document 024 2017 OCML On People’s War in Peru, the betrayal by the leadership of the PCP and the capitulation of Gonzalo |OCML Voie Prolétarienne

Document 025 2018 Basque Country An army who learns from his own defeats is meant to win! | (n)PCI

Further Reading

T. Derbent (2006) Categories of Revolutionary Military Policy



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