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References to North Korea as the “hermit state”, isolated or mysterious should puzzle any observer of the country. Publications like the monthly “Korea Today” and “Korea Pictorial” are available on subscription, and internet access has opened up access to the North Korea Central News Agency material, and that is before going to the myriad of western sources. And there are virtual visits with YouTube access and actual tours to the country – admittedly principally the capital. And there are small Friendship association doing their best to promote the country. Basically, Korea is knowable. It is part of the world in all its relations. The insistence on its independence is reflected in the Korean promotion of itself as an independent ideological centre with the stress on the Juche worldview in readily available publications by sympathisers and the Korean leadership. Since the 1970s various international symposium have been held  – an international Institute of the Juche Idea established in Tokyo in 1978 – and websites established [e.g. ] promoting the concept. A dynastic succession in the WPK’s leadership has seen an intensification and insistence upon the idea of Juche as an ideological advancement surpassing Marxism-Leninism the founding ideology of the Workers’ Party of Korea.

“Our ideological revolution is not a struggle against counter-revolution,
 but an ideological education, an ideological struggle directed mainly
 against conservatism, mysticism and empiricism” 
– Kim Il Sung October 21st 1975 in a talk with Australian writer-journalist
 Wilfred Burchett.

Much of the output of the Foreign Languages Publishing House comprises speeches of the country’s leaders.  Kim Jong-un is the third supreme leader in the Kim dynasty, founded by his grandfather Kim il-Sung, the country’s leader at the time of its establishment in 1948. Kim Jong-un took over from his father Kim Jong-il when he died from a heart attack in December 2011.

The Korean revolutionary Kim Il-Sung (15 April 1912 – 8 July 1994) was a prolific author. According to North Korean sources these amount to approximately 10,800 speeches, reports, books, treatises and other types of works. Many of them, such as the 100-volume Complete Collection of Kim Il Sung’s Works (김일성전집), are published by the Foreign Languages Publishing House based in the capital Pyongyang. Shortly before his death, he started publishing an autobiography titled With the Century . Six volumes appeared before his death, the remaining two volumes were printed posthumously.

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“President Kim Il Sung made public a great number of important reports, speeches, conclusions, talks, answers, treatises, lectures etc., through his unremitting thinking and study and energetic ideological and theoretical activities for several decades since his early years of revolutionary activists. Their total number amounts up to approximately 10 800.

In the works are scientific explanations of the motives of the creation of the Juche idea, its universal truth and guiding principles of the revolution and construction for its application, and fundamental issues to hasten the building of Party, power organs, public organizations, armed forces and socialism, ways to bring the advantages of Korean-style socialist system into fuller play, the path to country’s reunification, fighting tasks and strategic-tactical plans to defend the socialist cause and accelerate global independence.

For their revolutionary character, scientific accuracy, originality and validity, the immortal classical works written by President Kim Il Sung serve as an encyclopedia of the revolution and construction and common wealth for mankind that should be handed down through generations.”


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