On Socialist transformation



Delving back into the archives , reproduced in this post is a series of draft papers  from the cusp of the 1990s that addressed questions that had been taken as settled but then revisited in the wake of the study of Eurocentrism and the Communist Movement and in part by the curiosity engendered by glasnost. Only two saw a wider distribution*, the others, presented here in their raw state, without corrective comments and criticism of comrades, reflect a strand of political thought roughly on the theme of “socialist transformation” they looked at the contributions of Trotsky, Stalin and Mao.


The first is “A Muddled Understanding – Trotsky on the Soviet Union”


The second was “On the Question of Stalin”


The third, focused on Eastern Europe and the Left’s analysis of events therein in 1989.

eastern europe0001



* These two focused on China and can be found at Internal Discussion document on socialist transition: “China–Continuing the revolution under the dictatorship of the proletariat”  and

Looking Once More at China.

For further reading:  A blog providing links to material that appreciates the thought of Mao Zedong, that is neither exhaustive or endorsement of the material, but rather indicative of the resonance to create a better world that his political approach inspired.  A discussion on early Maoist evaluation of the Soviet experience can be found at https://wordpress.com/post/emaoism.wordpress.com/505



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